Christina Berger is a student of the fashion class (Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho) at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, where she received 2006 the Adlmueller scholarship for her collection "Du hochlandwilde scheue Maid (Geierwally vs Liquid Sky)". In 2006 she founded the label Christina Berger. In 2007 she presented her first collection "Auto:Erotik (Lips, Hips, Tits, Power)” Autumn/Winter 07/08 for the first time in the Showroom Anna Flatz in Paris. Since autumn 2007 her fashion is available in Berlin..s "Apartment" (Memhardstrasse 8). In her collection spring/summer 08 "Heidi was a serial killer part 1" "Heidi" stands for traditional costumes and custom. The antithesis is the book "American Psycho": Luxury, blood intoxication, force excesses paired with a meaningless, calculating superficialness and not least boredom. By means of this glaring and represented contrasts Christina Berger develops new and often exaggerated aspects. The basic idea of her collections is to show the woman pictures of our society under an ironical point of view in all their, also the oversubscribed, existences e.g. Geierwally, Wonder Woman and Heidi. In 2008 she was nominated for the Fashion Award of the City Vienna. PHILOSOPHY “I design fashion for contemporary heroines who were born sexy, intelligent, sensitive and with a sense of humour.“ Wonder Woman as the underlying concept, Christina Berger works her way through clichés, mostly the different images of women and the construction of femininity, with clear cuts and a great deal of irony.”(PRESSETEXT/UNIT-F 2008) For the heroine whose definition of sex is more sophisticatead than transparency or a mini skirt For women who have a liability to the “Sex,Drugs and Rockn’n Roll Lifestyle” Tradition with thrill, weird needleworks and hand knitted insanity. Critical, ironic, humorous AVAILABLE AT: APARTMENT, BERLIN

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