Exhibition for the 100th Birthday of John Cage: Opening on February 16, 2012, at quartier21/MuseumsQuartier Wien

MEMBRA DISJECTA FOR JOHN CAGE: Wanting to Say Something About John
Feb 17 to May 6, 2012, daily, 10:00-19:00, free admission
Press tour: Thu, Feb 16, 10:00
Opening: Thu, Feb 16, 19:00
Curators: Jozef Cseres, Georg Weckwerth
Location: freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
quartier21/MuseumsQuartier Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

photo by : Andreas Pohlmann

“MEMBRA DISJECTA FOR JOHN CAGE: Wanting to Say Something About John” is an international group exhibition featuring works about the American composer by more than fifty artists. John Cage is one of the most important personalities in the arts from the 20th century. His radical aesthetic concept expanded the classic understanding of music and art, and influenced happenings, the Fluxus movement, and minimal art. Curated by Jozef Cseres and Georg Weckwerth, the show is on view at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL at the MuseumsQuartier Wien from February 17 to May 6, 2012.

Few artists have had such a profound effect on 20th-century art as composer, musician, visual artist, and writer John Cage (1912-1992). Inspired by Zen Buddhism and Marcel Duchamp’s understanding of art, in the 1940s and 50s John Cage developed experimental music with unusual sound sources, bizarre instruments, and everyday noises. He organized sounds and events and introduced chance as an important element in his work. His aesthetics formed the basis for the emergence of minimalist art and actionist movements such as happenings and Fluxus, influencing both visual art and music.

Featuring more than fifty different works, “MEMBRA DISJECTA FOR JOHN CAGE: Wanting to Say Something About John” is a homage to John Cage, whose hundred birthday is being celebrated around the world in 2012. The Latin term “membra disjecta” in the exhibition title indicates John Cage’s method of working with a scattering of elements from various sources. The subtitle refers to a multiple that John Cage created in Marcel Duchamp’s honor after his death: “Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel.”

John Cage’s intermedia and multimedia works and his open approach to art is reflected in the interdisciplinary contributions to this exhibition, ranging from paintings to drawings, prints, sound installations, collages, instructive pieces, sculptural objects, installations, and videos.
Concerts, performances, lectures, and a workshop for kids and teens are also being offered in conjunction with the exhibition.

Participants include many friends, companions, and contemporaries of John Cage as well as younger artists, among them Milan Adamčiak (SVK), Tyler Adams (USA), Sam Ashley (USA), William Brovelli/Margaret Leng Tan (USA), Arturas Bumšteinas (LTU), Christopher Chew/Margaret Leng Tan (USA), Nicolas Collins (USA), Philip Corner (USA/ITI), Alvin Curran (US/IT), Arnold Dreyblatt (USA/GER), David Dunn (USA), Peter Graham (CZE), Sabine Groschup (AUT), Milan Grygar (CZE), GX Jupitter-Larsen (USA), Franz Hautzinger (AUT), Pierre Hébert (CAN), Gary Hill (USA), Svetozár Ilavský (SVK), Hilary Jeffery (GBR/NED), Hassan Khan (EGY), Alison Knowles (USA), Richard Kostelanetz (USA), Petr Kotík (USA/CZE), Joan La Barbara (USA), Brandon LaBelle (USA), Alan Licht (USA), Benoît Maubrey (USA/GER), Gordon Monahan (CAN), David Moss (GBR/GER), Morgan O’Hara (USA), Marian Palla (CZE), Paul Panhuysen (NED), Ben Patterson (USA/GER), Michael Prime (GBR), George Quasha (USA), Keith Rowe (GBR), Blahoslav Rozbořil (CZE), Jan Steklík (CZE), Volker Straebel (GER), Jiří Šigut (CZE), Richard Teitelbaum (USA), John Tilbury (GBR), Yasunao Tone (USA), The Lazy Anarchists (SVK/HUN/USA/GER), Kris Vleeshouwer (BEL), Hong-Kai Wang (TPE) , and Christian Wolff (USA). Some of them will be living and working in Vienna in the coming months as quartier21/MQ artists-in-residence.

The exhibition is being organized as part of the quartier21/MQ series “freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL” in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for European and international affairs, the Slovak Cultural Institute in Vienna, the Czech Center in Vienna, and other national and international partners.



photos by : Marko Grubisic
clothes: Etna Maar
copyright: Udruga Miks



Galliano Online Store Launch

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photos: Stefan Milev @ www.kombinatrotweiss.com / larapixie.com
styling: Nini Gollong @ www.ballsaal.com / larapixie.com



Urenko SS 2012

Photo & Art Direction: Antonella Arismendi @ Larapixie
Styling: Anita Nava
Models: Alex Nestor & Jad


The man who fell on earth

Photo and Art Direction: Antonella Arismendi @ Larapixie
Production: Volitif Creative Management
Styling: Ivona Yvon
Makeup & Hair: Erick Teran
Model: Eric Voullosky @ Icon Models Italy


Akelarre - D Mag

Ph & Art Direction: Antonella Arismendi @ Larapixie
Production: Anita Nava
Styling: Anita Nava & Antonella Arismendi
Production Assistant, styling: Magui Peralta
Makeup: Caro Merlo Make Up
Model: Vita Cagnone Pink Models Management

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