Wrapped in mystery, Rozalb de Mura travels around the world and chooses interesting destinations and charismatic people to keep him delightful company. Boundaries between reality and fiction imperceptibly dissolve…

Rozalb de Mura is an up-market fashion label created in Romania(Transylvania). Launched at the beginning of 2006, it has already drawn professionals and avant-garde fashionistas from Romania and abroad.
Moreover, Rozalb de Mura label is developing as a multidisciplinary platform that commissions and supports unexpected collaborations between fashion designers, visual artists, musicians and writers, such as Tobias Stenberg, Olivia Plender, Constantin Luser, Liste Noire group, etc.

Olah Gyarfas, designer for Rozalb de Mura explains his amazing style as:
"It's really hard to apply a cold definition to something that springs from within me, that is so personal and so sincere. I adore minimalism, and paradoxically enough, the flamboyant exuberance and foolishness of the '80s. The outcome might be described as a mix of daring ideas and apparently classical cuts. A contemporary look and a vaguely perverse air here and there, unexpected details and bold inserts. That is what Rozalb de Mura is about. And of course, the stories of each collection."-from interview for Dazed Digital,20.2.2009

Collections from Rozalb de Mura can be bought at: Best Shop – Berlin, Ostblock in Zurich, Takashimaya in New York, Sreda in Ljubljana.

Photos shown are from collections: A/W 09 and A/W 08. Runway photos are from London Fashion week, February23rd 2009. (backstage photos from Dazed Digital).

For more information, please visit: http://www.rozalbdemura.ro/


  1. Wow, these are absolutely stunning collections! I totally understand what you mean, the use of a singular colour gives it a visual simplicity, but at the same time what is actually going on with the clothing is rich in detail. And may I just say that you write incredibly beautifully :)

  2. I do see a story or a strong theme behind, thanks :)


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