Who is Filep Motwary?

He was born in Cyprus in 1977, Mother Cypriot Nationality , Father Syria Nationality

His fist moments in fashion, after graduating for a fashion school in Athens (1999), was working as an assistant stylist for magazines such as L'Officiel Hellas.
About a year later he was hired by Couture designer Loukia as her first Studio assistant designer, a collaboration that lasted until 2004.
During the same year Filep represented Greece, in a project launched by Absolut Vodka, entitled Absolut Country, supported by Kesselskramer in Amsterdam. He moved to Paris where he spent a period of a year working as an intern for John Galliano, Dior and Chloe.
In 2005 he returned to Geece, launching his personal collection of womenswear, in a mutual collaboration with Jewellery designer, Maria Mastori. In the same year, Filep introduced his fashion blog,Un nouVeau iDEAL, perhaps the only real fashion page in Greece.
Since then Filep and Maria presented five collections during the Hellenic Fashion Week.
His interest in art, typography and history, soon found him involved in magazines again. Twice a year, he is the editor of the Fashion issue of Isterografo, a supplement that comes with Phileleftheros, the most respected newspaper on the island of Cyprus. He is also consulting young designers and participates in several projects around the world.

Who is Maria Mastori?

Maria Mastori was born in Athens in 1959 .As a teenager she took art and design courses and at the same time she started attending lessons on jewelery design and production. Since 1984 she started taking part in group exhibitions with her works. n 1988 she presents her first personal exhibition entitled "The Ships" using silver as her main material.

The period between 1994 and 2005 was extremely valuable for Mastori due to her participation in many other installations and exhibitions in Galleries such as Selini, Kivotos, Artquake, Benakis Museum, and Marianna Petridis... Her relation with fashion accessories originally started with her collaboration with the Couture designer Loukia in 1998. Her second collaboration in fashion started in the spring of 2005 with designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades and in 2006/07 with Angelos Bratis.

Since July 2005 Maria is collaborating with womenswear designer Filep Motwary presenting their collection together at the Hellenic Fashion Week. In February 2008, she was chosen through the web community of IQONS.COM by prints master and designer Zandra Rhodes as her favorite jewelery and accessories designer. Maria’s work is available in Paris and Athens, Thessaloniki and Myconos.

All Photos by Filep Motwary

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