Amsterdam menswear brand OntFront is honored to present the second photo project with Philadelphia Renaissance man Rich Medina. In this photo shoot OntFront shows their latest collection.

In this season's edition, Rich asked if he could bring a friend in to join the shoot. That friend happened to be the very talented gentleman Ge-ology.

Ge-ology is known for his understated, yet refined style which connects street to classic sensibilities. Ge-ology, since the 80s, carved his own lane through the world as a well-respected visual artist, music producer and DJ.

It goes without saying that OntFront, Medina and Ge-ology have a deep love for menswear and craftsmanship, as evidenced in their respective styles and career choices. Medina has been a quintessential maverick in the entertainment business for quite a long time. He has always functioned as an independent, self made man as DJ, producer and poet.

This project represents the mixture of subculture, music and style. With these images OntFront strives to show off their authentic street savvy style to a broader audience.

Rich Medina is wearing:

Outfit 1: OntFront square collar white shirt, OntFront selvage denim dress pants, OntFront wing tip boots, Daily Paper denim jacket, Flybird leather canvas bag, Brixton hat

Outfit 2: OntFront wool dress pants, OntFront wool ascott, Notch cotton blazer, Amsterdam shoe co woven lace up, Brixton shirt

Ge-ology is wearing:

Outfit 1: OntFront navy rain coat, OntFront batik tie, OntFront hat, Notch shirt, Retrosuperfuture classic sunglasses, Notch navy chino, Pasotti Ombrelli Umbrella, Generic Surplus long wing shoes

Outfit2: Brixton jacket, Brixton shirt, Notch raw denim, Retrosuperfuture Primo sunglasses, Brixton hat, Generic surplus boots


Photography: Marnix Postma

Assistants: Chris Dijksterhuis & Femi Dawkins

Design & Styling: OntFront

Models: Rich Medina & Ge-ology

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