When Michael Tintiuc´s name is mentioned, most people have these images in mind:

Little it is known that Michael is not only famous model but he is also successful designer.

Larapixie Talent Agency is proud to present its newest member: Lirfon`s designer group.

The Lirfon’s design group was founded in 2003, on the soil of the evergreen, blooming a sunny Moldova. In the city of Chisinau situated on 7 hills. In a country having no show business nor fashion industry. Its politics, after the fall of the Soviet Union, led the development of the country in a different way. It didn’t follow the path of European countries or Russia. The fact that it was evolving on its own had a huge impact on our point of view and way of thinking.

Currently there are 4 people working on the label, including designers, painters, sketch artists, photographers and stylists. At the moment we’re not looking for new members cause people we’re working with are multitalented and can easily switch tasks. In a way our group is more like a band when for example the guitarist can compose a drum solo if he’s got some great ideas. Our label works on pure perfectionism and we always choose the best variant, it doesn’t matter who of us made it as long as it’s great and fits Lirfon’s. We’re not dividing the tasks between each other. We don’t want to follow the mainstream in fashion industry by creating clothes we don’t really like but being 100% commercially successful. Our goal is to create quality clothes that we would be happy to wear. We think that if you’re doing something you love and you put your heart and soul in it sooner or later people will notice it and eventually you’ll be rewarded.

text by Lirfons group.

Here are few photos from Lirfons A/W 09/10 collection, more shoots, editorials,and exciting news are coming very soon, so keep watching this space!

Models: Michael Tintiuc(Lirfon's) and Irene Gershtoga(Lirfon's)
Photographer: Olga Gershtoga(Lirfon's)
Stylist: Olga Gershtoga(Lirfon's), Irene Gershtoga(Lirfon's), Elena Tintiuc (Lirfon's).

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