It is our big pleasure to announce that newest member of Larapixie agency is amazing photographer Antonella Arismendi.

This Argentinean girl from the mid eighties grew up with Barbies, Twin Peaks and the ghosts of Raota, which adorn the hallways of her home to this very day.Her influences converge in a magical fusion of technique, sensuality and spirituality which have defined her artistic persona.Captivating by nature, Antonella plans to blow up everything, at least that's what her natal chart says.

She's is a regular contributor of magazines such as Rolling Stone, 160grams, Vnfold, D, Schôn, Catalogue, Soko and many others.

Website: www.antonellaarismendi.com

Client list: Mccan Erickson, Diageo, Randall Stewart Group, Daimler Chrysler ARG, New Age, Jose Cuevo, C&A, Kling, BAFW.


  1. great photographer. She sees women as strong but still unchained. Very interesting vision


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