Styling & Produktion Keylooks.tv,
Camera & Direction Jaan Erik Fischer,
Hair & Makeup Ina Cierniak,
Model Tatiana Chechetova (New Madison Paris)


LeVer Couture is famous for its breathtaking evening gowns, as well as its luxurious corsages and stylish dresses for the special occasion. The brand is widely recognised for its delicate and lavish designs, made with exceptional textiles, bright colours and feminine cuts.
Lessja has been quoted as identifying her love of corsages and feminity as central to her creations -- the corsage emphasize the silhouettes and beauty of the woman and defines the contoures of the body like no other piece of clothing. Stars like Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and Madonna have set the example.
But Lessja is more than a designer, she creates personalities. She sculpts creations from very luxurious materials like silk and tulle from Jakob Schlaepfer, but also from Swarovski stones and feathers. Inspired by her origin, she compassionately combines modernity with convention and playfulness with precision. Intentionally she breaks the rules of traditional aesthetics and creates a new style. Mostly she succeeds by using extraordinary fabrics and unusual materials, combining them with innovative cuts.

LEVER COUTURE -- Philosophy

'Beauty is the glamour of truth' a quote by Lessja Verlingieri, who is about to pursue the world of fashion.
Her dazzling dresses and corsages -- a homage to femininity -- enhances the sense of uniqueness desired by every woman. The women who wear Lessja's couture are nonchalant, sensual and enjoy expressing their beauty. The need to own a garment tailored by Lessja Verlingieri is like the longing to possess a Picasso or a noble racehorse.
The very idea that these rarities still exist, can fill life with beauty.

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