Staji meets Hollywood - March 2011

Staji established itself in the international fashion scene as an avantgarde brand truly focusing on a woman's individuality.
Staji is completely different to any other existing brands.It is Staji's conviction that the energy of naturally and healthily produced clothing can be felt by those wearing it.Staji's collections are produced by a highly specialized women-run handicraft business in southern Germany.Staji is decidedly contrary to cheaply made products neglecting quality, especially when the production process is using up the health of underpaid labour force in the third world.Staji, already famous for the unbelievably simple sexyness a woman can radiate with its collections, happened to meet Anton Leather in summer 2010.

Anton Leather embodies the spirit of Rock n´Roll and is specialised in handmade leather jackets, becoming a big name in Los Angeles and beyond by designing a vast variety of jackets for the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Aerosmith, P. Diddy, Alicia Keys or Beyoncé, to name but a few.

Staji and Anton share a common language when it comes to spirit, distribution and customer:Everybody is someone special and should be treated as such.
Staji and Anton will go "on tour" like a rock'n'roll band, visiting customers in different cities:Your chance to get both your life styled in the very sense of the word as well as a customized and handmade leather jacket.
Staji and Anton are very proud to also share and intensely care about a true spirit of production fueled with love for craftsmanship, design, customer, and garment:
Anton uses no label, signing every jacket himself just like a piece of art.
If you are interested in his leather jackets please contact : tanja@staji.de


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