The ISHTAR collection has an elegance of the past with modern aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the gown and embroidery heritage of the region and creating an updated look that is feminine and cool.
Offering an elegant mix of day and evening wear, ISHTAR fashion house designs feature intricate detailing and superior craftsmanship. Each piece is unique and versatile and many of which are hand-finished. Items carried in the collection range from Jeans trousers, knit wear, skirts, silk blouses and tanks and several styles of dresses.
Natural or high-tech exquisite fabrics are used in the collection, creating styles that produce a sexy yet intelligent chic, often with antique design elements. For instance a flowing silk mouslin top features a hand made antique crochet ribbon with ceramic and old glass buttons. Traditional genuine hand embroidered elements are often combined in contemporary studs.

Accessories include hand knitted angora wool scarves, antique Silk Road necklaces and bouquet feathers earrings.Tamar Primak, a Jerusalem born highly accomplished designer, graduate of Shenkar Design and Textile Academy.Primak worked as a designer for Mark's & Spencer's men's tailoring collection in London.
Later on she worked as a top in-house designer for Schumacher Fashion House, Germany. She excelled as the designer of the silk and precious material gowns and as a key assistant to the head designer. She launched her own fashion house ISHTAR in Israel in 2008.


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