MoutonCollet SS12
"Requiem for the Sun..."


As one of the more controversial generations of our time, the 60’s era brought with it psychedelic acid,Pop Art and the beautifully dammed Eddie Sedgwick.
Paris based design duo MoutonCollet take inspiration from this vital time in art and created a series of cuff bracelets,Venetian chains and woven cotton headpieces for their collection Requiem Of the Sun.Vibrant tones of rose fluorescent, yellow jaune and metals in silver, gunmetal grey and almost beige form the basis of these
bold statement pieces. Mother of pearls in natural and black are placed alongside crystal strass, a metal powdered glass finished in opaline.
As with every MoutonCollet collection, an underlying clash of inspiration is key. With a fondness for neo-punks,the duo use brass, pearls, tubes and hot pink and acid yellow enamel to pay homage to the chic 80’s era of colour blocking. Drop chandelier earrings, nail edged cuffs and brightly polished metals add gloss to a collection for misfits of the future.

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