Vivienne Westwood Man
Milano Fashion Week
Fall 2012

Vivienne Westwood :

"Our collection is in support of David Attenborough’s documentary series ‘The Frozen Planet’, which will go to America but unfortunately without the final episode where he explains that we humans are responsible for the ice melt. So we took the polar explorers as our heroes and we love polar bears. Barack Obama never mentions the words climate change.
If our leaders would admit the fact of climate change and conduct their politics from that perspective then we might have a chance – we have 10 years at the most to stop it.
How impossible it is for us to imagine ourselves victims of disaster. We suffer for the poor people who were thrown into the sea from their cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany, some losing their lives. Imagine a world of accelerating natural disasters, one after the other so that nobody can help anyone else.

Public opinion is the only thing that will save us.

GreenUp! Europe Campaign

I was approached by the United Nation Environmental Programme to design a t-shirt for their GreenUp! campaign - when you start doing things you find people come to you. They’re starting with a terrific idea which is to plant corridors of trees to link Europe’s forests. This new initiative is about triggering new habits for a greener Europe and for greener economies. I have created a design for UNEP in support of the project. It’s a really practical idea and it raises public awareness - it’s great for the environment, great for people, great for animals.
My design has been printed on a t-shirt provided by sustainable manufacturers, ANVIL. The ‘Tree-shirts’ will be sold exclusively through YOOX.com on a worldwide level and in our Milan shop during menswear fashion week with all proceeds to be donated to the GreenUp! fund, helping to re-plant trees in Europe’s worst affected regions."

For more information on the project please visit www.unep.org

copyright @ Vivienne Westwood

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