s i b i u

From Carpathian heights to Black Forestian mountains
From the eastern sun to the gloomy firmament
Roots to roots
Heritage to heritage
Soul to soul
Blood to blood
A collaboration is born – now…

Inga Melzer, born in Sibiu, Romania, now Berlin based, studies fashion design.
She launched her label Sibiu lately.
With her designs she raises the tension between her Carpathian heritage and the metropolitain jungle she now lives in.

Jasmin Isabel Eckerle, founder and designer of her label Garland Coo studied fashion design in Stuttgart.
With her aesthetic beliefs she also raises the tension between her Black Forestian heritage, her native landscape and the metropolis.

The concept of the collaboration
Two wandering spirits, one from the eastern sun, one from the darken forest.
Caught in their roots, their heritage, emancipate theirselves and arise as a unique collaboration.
All items made with passion for details, it is the variations of light and shade, the blood red hand-dyed silk and batiste, the armour-like cotton chintz and linen.
The cut-outs, like the shadow on the forest floor on a sunny day, the silhouettes a dichotomy between slim-cut and cloaking.
A collection which is dedicated to all women of the past, who have fought for their passions,heir beliefs, for all strong women from now on…

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