"Dario's" fashion accessories by Itai Mintz ///
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An ambition to implement a new sophisticated approach of jewelry making and a continuous pursuit after the original modern beauty, have motivated Itai Mintz to create a unique, authentic zone of refined style.
Mintz's design is based on the transformation of 3D forms into 2D forms and backward, using transparent and opaque materials and a strong attraction to turn tribal ritual art into radical innovation. His works feels like hybrids of genders and eras.
Itai Mintz was born in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1984. After studying in the visual communications design department at Holon institute of technology (H.I.T) and participating in 3D modeling courses, in January 2008 Mintz established the label "Dario's" that is named after his Greek grandfather.
While maintaining the vision of accessories, there is a personal signature that fulfills a "must have" role in the show, Itai Mintz has sailed on a non-compromised cruise, inventing a new futuristic femininity and aesthetics.

Novus tribus 2011 ///

Novus Tribus 2011 collection was created from a vision about a distinct tribe in the future. The designer developed elements from his image of the tribe on a wedding ceremony.

Primitive tribes use the nature to maintain their living & life style. As continuance to that way of being, the futuristic tribe use industrial waste and the nature distraction. These industrial wastes eliminate the nature resources and replace them in the same time. In this wedding ceremony the body decoration and jewels are produced from those treasures.
The collection characterized with hard and masculine shapes and materials, combined with soft and feminine motives. Raw metals, plastic, wood, crystals, satin ribbons and screws transform into a new tribal geometric appearance.

In a retrospective view on "dario's" collections , Mintz steps now into a more glorified, elegant and even slightly romantic environment , which highlights in that bonding ritual .


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