PRIMAL SCREAM collection by Marco Grisolia for COVHERlab fall winter 2010-11


The underwater world of Hieronymus Bosch, the photography of Brooke Shaden, the suggestions of ResExtensa filtered through a dry and precise geometry are translated by the young Marco Grisolia in a deep reflection around a precise style: a thin primitivism, with some Picasso, which prefers the pure line and a decorative functional told through nearly 35 unique items.
A color palette that tends to neutral shades of milky white, beige and nude hues unfolds in colder as olive green, blue, cerulean and then come on in bordeaux, in orange, in mustard, gold and in purple electric galvanized by highly graphic prints and implications almost naive.
The silhouette is refined, sculptural, built with a series of tailoring hugs of wings joined together to form a marsupial pouch in his jacket like in Pumpkin-colored corduroy sleeveless with side panels or jackets in boiled wool trousers paired with green candy to the calf pockets with profiled handwheel or skirts with conical bottom tube.
The collection reveals that attention falls on the shoulders, neck topped with a shirt that has sleeves snort secluded, in Maroquin wool and silk told in shades of pink and gray ash teal, a coat unstructured in a knitted camel and beige smoke drops down round, large, with tube sleeves to be completed with a macro-neck shirt, a coat fashioned double-breasted jackets with lapels mutants dominate with a massive personality on simple hot pants extra large.
A suggestion almost primitive, citing plastic totem shamanic cults in the proportions of dry ergonomic cut pants, trousers, polo effect, with felted wool maxi basque in finding the right balance combined with double chintzed cotton t-shirt-sleeved conical that touch the forearm, plain and with contrasting inserts, or in combinations of wool top in stretch silk devoré printed inserts, with double collar, flared in uneven, stacked neatly on the kilt-like skirts draping plates, schematic, while the volume is decidedly reminiscent over the clay art of prehistoric Venus of Willendorf, or Vestonice Laugerie Basse-through voluminous coats, from the bottom asymmetric, restrained by straps tight around the waist or vest in the cocoon wool twill double-layer mounted internally for emphasize the development of volume from which to generate maxi comfortable side pockets.
The mood of vintage handbag, the straps, the unkle boots and moccasins signed COVHERlab accompany the shoes of Lincoln’s NY, unique flavor bohemian handcrafted crocodile, ostrich, lizard and with inserts in cellophane.

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