Ruby Star is the creative name chosen by Israeli designer Shirley itzik.
Launched in 2000, ruby star was immediately recognized as the chic yet unconventional in jewelry design. Constantly seeking innovation in structure and materials, she is always inspired by traditional techniques and historical references, reinventing them in a unique and contemporary approach.

The SS011 collection – "TIMEKILLERS"- explores the concept of time.

The watch mechanism, as an inspiration of past decades, is taken apart, manipulated and recreated into new forms. Each piece draws from a romantic look at the past with a modern twist resulting in sophisticated yet playful creations.
The collection is divided into two significant attitudes – one being a classical feminine vision using 1920's and 30's cocktail watches glamorously hanging on black or cream satin, creating an eternally elegant look. In the second, the inner world of the watch surfaces using cast silver and brass installed into complex patterns rich in detail. In some, the metal is burnt and oxidized giving a slightly distressed feel with an industrial edge. In others, small rubies and raw diamonds are set in the metal replicating the use of jewels in antique watches.
Various vintage watchbands are taken apart and reconstructed into bracelets and belts using an art deco inspired geometry and color tone. The hidden and insignificant parts of the watch receive center stage in this collection. Each piece meticulously detailed has a story to tell.

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