OntFront x Cavemen: Serene Solitude



Cavemen x Ontfront - Editorial - Serene Solitude from Cavemen on Vimeo.

Verses guide another collaboration between the Dutch menswear label OntFront and the Cavemen creatives. As timeless tailoring mixed with street trends are common ground for both the OntFront and Cavemen crew; they’ve created a philosophic and poetic winter editorial named Serene Solitude in which both these creative minds propagate their view and opinion on street style.

Using items from both the OntFront store and OntFront’s upcoming collection they’ve managed to showcase their dapper sense of pre-spring styles. In a short yet poetic film they’ve combined the harder materials that originate from the denim trend with softer and more delicately tailored garments.

Respecting older vintage looks but still embracing modern day style; These Cavemen and OntFront once again blend their signature in newer street-style looks using garments from the brands OntFront, Etudes, Brooklyn We Go Hard, Brixton and the Amsterdam Shoe Company.

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