Make up artist Jorge Serio is the newest member of Larapixie Talent Agency.

Jorge Serio was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He started working in New York City in 1987 with photographers..David Lachapelle,Michel Comte,Annie Leibowitz and Sheila Metzner.
His work has been published in international magazines such as French Vogue, Harper’s bazaar,W Magazine,Elle,Vanity Fair,The Face,ID ,Visionaire and Rolling Stone.
Additionally, Jorge has worked with such celebrities as Uma Thurman,Drew Barrymore,Mena Suvari,Jewel,Shania Twain and Diana Ross.
From 2000 to 2004, Jorge was under Contract with Estee Lauder as their “Trend Team’s” Interpretive Artist.
Jorge’s artistry draws inspiration from classical painting, era icons and tribal markings of different cultures. He believes strongly that makeup is a way to communicate and express yourself, and loves to blend contrasting styles from across the world. His unique approach has established himself as one of the finest makeup and body painters in the fashion arena to date.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Annie Leibowitz,David Lachapelle,Patrick Demarchlier,Ellen Von Unwerth,Herb Ritts,Michel Comte,Francesca Sorrenti,Christopher Micaud,Jean Claude Maillard,Michael Williams,Cleo Sullivan,John Ragel,Guy Aroch,Rebecca Blake,Sheila Metzner,Paola Roversi,Mark Seliger,Erez Sabag,Amber Gray,Sarah Maingot,Liz Von Hoene,
Max Vadukul,Dah Len,Ilan Rubin,..

SELECTED MAGAZINES: French Vogue,Italian Vogue,German Vogue,Portuguese Vogue,Korean Vogue,Japanese Vogue,L’Uomo Vogue,Australian Vogue,Harper’s Bazaar,Spanish Harper’s Bazaar,W Magazine,Allure,Elle,Glamour,Russian Glamour,British Marie Claire,American Marie Claire,Cosmopolitan,Vanity Fair,Rolling Stone,
New York Times Magazine,Interview,Harper’s and Queen,Intalia Amica,ID,The Face,Visionaire,Citizen K,Surface,Arena,GQ,D magazine,Numero,Details,Nylon,...

PRINT ADVERTISING: Anne Klien,H&M,Deisel,Dooney & Bouke,Berdolf Goodman,Nordstrom,Macy’s,Neiman Marcus,Sak’s Fifth Avenue,Target,Guess,Le Bain-Jean Paul Gaultier,Pierre Cardin,Charles David,Vera Wang,Candies,Tencel,Mulberry,Avon,Oil of Olay,Sephora,Ebel,Korres Beauty,Barney’s,...

CELEBRITIES: Uma Thurman,Drew Barymore,Kyra Sedwick,Mena Suvari,Natasha Richardson,Jennifer Tilly,Brooke Shields,Veruschka,Diana Ross,Rosario Dawson,Debbie Mazer,Shainia Twain,Jewel,Dixie Chicks,Mariah Carey,Lisa Marie Presley,Patsy Kensit,Chloe Sevigny,Juliana Marqulie,Talisa Soto,Shirley Manson,Paula Cole,Vitamin C,Cyndi Lauper,Lisa Loeb,Siouxsie Sioux,Alyssa Milano,Mila Jovovich,Daniel Day Lewis,Mark Wahlberg,Ed Norton,Alan Cummings,Tom Jones,Conan O’Brien,D’Angelo,Jon Bon Jovi,Simon Le Bon,Eminen,Primal Scream,Jim Carey,Sir Elton John,...

FASHION SHOWS: Theirry Mugler,Calvin Klein,Mark Jacobs,Carolina Herrera,Tommy Hillfiger,Issac Mizrahi,Todd Oldham,Fernando Sanchez,...

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