MSGM Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2010/2011 (designed by Massimo Giorgetti and another creative designer, and manufactured by Paoloni Spa) tries to portray the “indie” spirit of the many artistic and aesthetic expressions of modernity. From new bands to bloggers; from the artists who have just entered the market to the new generations of designers. As on a map, this collection tries to sketch a route whose references are not the single visual expressions alone, but the true essence of the “indie” spirit: i.e. independence, also from the old market rules (e.g.: of record companies, art, publishing industry) as well as the desire to break new frontiers.

With an eye to the present and one to the future, one can reflect on the past and – what is more – on three great artists who have a lot to do with the true essence of the “indie” spirit.
The first artist is Kurt Cobain, an icon of the sound of the 90s. His “grunge” style, his shabby sophistication, his clever randomness are also the distinctive traits of many items of this collection.
The second artist is Helmut Lang, a fashion designer the world misses too much. His savage futurism, his rough way to re-interpret the military style, his strong will to break the rules to change clothing aesthetics are also part of the guiding spirit that has encouraged MSGM to focus on research on fabrics, cuts and furs.
Last but not least, Richard Avedon’s reportage works (except fashion reportage projects) dating back to the 60s/70s have been a source of reality, food for thought and a model to shape each and every of our single looks down to the finest details.

Cotton and wool are the pillars of this collection. It is like if naturalism, sophistication and accuracy were felt as a strong desire. Treatments represented the toughest job: each item was sandblasted, washed and felted.
Among the sleeve garments, unstructured washed jackets, new wool versions of the traditional biker’s leather jackets (sale&pepe or check) and new sizes of duffel coats stand out.
Shirts follow two separate routes: on one side, they have been re-interpreted in the “flash” light of traditional tartan models, while different models show camo micro-patterns, on the other.
Knitwear offers examples from the great British tradition, although it has been elaborated upon with treatments and washes. Among the trousers, a new tighter version of the “worker” model, which still preserves the toughness of the fabric and of the anatomical work-style cut, emerges.
Another story is denim. It has undergone special washing and used in totally new items such as sandblasted padded jeans or warmer versions of the traditional racket finished off with modern details.

January 17th, 2010 – The Show
As usual for MSGM, the presentation of its collection will also be an opportunity to reflect on modern languages. That is why a performance combining the Internet, fashion, indie music and new generations will be staged at Studio Zeta on 17 January 2010.
We chose two videos – which are already available on Youtube – that deal with the near future of communication and the Internet. We then sent them to over 5,000 contacts aged between 19 and 35 via Facebook, asking them to provide a free feedback about the hypothetical scenarios displayed. Their reactions are all included in a videoclip which will be shown together with other videos, music and clothes at a video-installation conceived by Simone Marchetti and developed by Ugo Galelli (a young video-maker trained at Studio Azzurro).
For us, this is a way to reaffirm the imperative which remains the inner soul of MSGM: endeavour to interpret modernity whilst anticipating the future. ‘Never look back, it’s all ahead’, as our motto has it!

MSGM is sold in : Matches in London, Victoire in Paris, Antonia in Milan, Luisa via Roma in Florence, Harvey Nicols in Honk Kong and Boboli in Vancouver.

MSGM was finalist for Who is on Next? 2010 in Italy.

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