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Good Night Sweet Prince

photographer :Rui Aguiar @ Larapixie
stylist: Charles Adesanya
models: Michael T @ FM
Ellie G @ Premier
make up : Issidora
hair: Ben Gregory
produced by : Larapixie Talent agency

This editorial is dedicated to Alexander McQueen and Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio.

Clothes credits:

> LOOK 1
> Michael wears silk print shirt and black leather trousers ALEXANDER
> MCQUEEN, black wool zip up jacket LOUIS VUITTON
> LOOK 2
> Elli G wears black feather dress and sequinned boots, ALEXANDER
> MCQUEEN, Michael wears black wool trousers, LOUIS VUITTON.
> LOOK 3
> Michael wears knitted buttoned top, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD
> LOOK 4
> Elli G wears black nylon shirt and black leather boots, ALEXANDER
> MCQUEEN. Pink and black print wool bodice, CHANEL.
> LOOK 5
> Michael wears black knitted jumper and black leather boots, ALEXANDER
> MCQUEEN. Black side zip up trousers, JAMES LONG.
> Elli G wear black cotton coat and black leather shoes, LOUIS VUITTON
> LOOK 6
> Elli G wears total look, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. Suede boots, ALBERTA FERRETTI.
> Michael wears total look, LOUIS VUITTON
> LOOK 7
> Elli G wears black leather dress, ALBERTA FERRETTI.
> Black leather gloves and black leather and hair boots, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN.
> Michael wears total look, MARTIN MARGIELA. Brown leather shoes,
> Church's footwear.
> Look 8
> Elli G wears purple wool coat, ALBERTA FERRETTI. Green leather
> waistcoat, JAMES LONG. Black fur hat held as gloves, ALEXANDER

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